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Wick Trimmer

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If you don't own one of these, we're here to tell you that you've been candling all wrong! This little trimmer will change the way you experience candles forever.

Here's a few common things we've heard:

"It's okay, I just use scissors."
Keep your scissors for your arts and crafts projects, not your candles! The design of a wick trimmer will ensure an even and non-slanted cut of your wick. Trust us when we tell you this affects your candle's burn!

"I just pinch the end of my wick"
And deal with that icky black carbon build up on your finger tips, no way! 

"Why do I even need to trim my wick?"
Candle wicks are meant to be trimmed to about 1/4th of an inch for cotton or 3/16th of an inch for wood. They perform better, smell stronger, and burn longer when properly trimmed! 

  • Comes in a sleek matte black design.

  • Stainless heat-proof steel.

  • About 7 inches in length to help you reach deep candles.