Return & Shipping Policy

Return Policy:

You may return your candle as long as it is in its original condition. This means the box is undamaged and the wick has not been lit. Unfortunately, once your candle has been lit we cannot offer a refund.

Before purchasing, please remember that opinions of candle scents are subjective and very personal. Some people like a mild smell and some people like a strong smell. If you purchased a candle and are dissatisfied please reach out to us at

Shipping Policy

Standard orders are packed & processed within 1-2 business days (Monday-Friday) and shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How should I burn my candle properly?
Here is the recommended way of burning one of our candles:

  • Each time you light your candle, it should remain lit until the top layer is completely liquid wax.

  • Before lighting, trim or pinch the wick to 1/4 of an inch. This ensures an even burn each time.

  • We do not recommend keeping your candle lit for longer than three hours or less than one hour.

How are your candles packaged?
Our candles are guaranteed to arrive safely. They arrive in either a paper gift box or burlap bag. Perfect for gifts or for keeping on your coffee table next to your candle!

Are your candles phthalate-free?
Yes. All of the fragrance oils are pure and harmless.

How long do one of your candles burn for?
With proper burning technique, our candles can last up to 75 hours of burn time. Expect 50+ hours of lovely smell!

Do you wholesale?
Yes! We offer special pricing for retail shops. Please contact with any requests and pricing.