Looking for more than candles?

Lemon + Blueberry

The recipe that started our body scrub journey. Treat your body to a citrusy blast mixed with real blueberries.

Ingredients: Raw White Sugar*, Coconut Oil*, Freeze-dried Blueberries* Lemon Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil

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Clay + Coffee

Wake your body up with a jolt of coffee and soothe it back down with the healing power of bentonite clay. Do all of this while smelling like a fresh vanilla latte!

Ingredients: Raw Sugar*, Coconut Oil*, Arabica Coffee, Bentonite Clay, Vanilla Essential Oil

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Mint + Coconut

Give your body the tropical treatment with this coconut-heavy scrub infused with a fresh, invigorating minty smell. So fresh and so clean, clean!

Ingredients: Raw White Sugar*, Coconut Oil*, Peppermint Essential Oil, Black Tea Leaves*, Green Tea Leaves*

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